Our Stand Against Preferred Service Providers (PSP) Lists

When a policy holder suffers a property loss, many of them immediately call the 800 number of their insurance company and are given a list of PSP's, Preferred Service Providers, to perform the repair work. Here is the thing: Silver Lining remains strong in our decision to never participate in these claim programs.

Preferred Service Providers

PSP lists are a money saving tool for insurance companies. They save money, repair or replace the property for less, and improve their loss ratio by controlling the contractors that they recommend. Contractors on PSP lists agree to complete the scope of repair work approved by the insurer at a price deemed by the insurer. In exchange, the insurance company sends continuous repair and replacement work to the contractor. The insurer achieves its goal of paying less to repair or replace the property, and the contractor achieves its goal of continuous work and income at the price of their soul. 

Why Do We Care?

One thing that makes us different from our competition is that we do not pay to be part of any PSP lists- Preferred Service Providers. Many restoration contractors spend the majority of their marketing budget on being on insurance programs. Although we have been asked to participate in many of these referral programs, we have turned them all down because we do not want to compromise the quality or integrity of our work. Third-party administrators are also involved in the insurance industry, working on claim management on behalf of the carrier. We would be signing away our soul just to become a "preferred vendor" and lose all our ability to fight for what is right by our customers, and we will never do that. We would rather have our clients have the ability to fully maximize their insurance claim payout. 

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